Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dreamer Wisher Liar by Charise Mericle Harpe

Ashley is convinced that her summer is going to be awful. Her best friend is moving to Portland. Worse, she can't even hang out with her friend at summer camp because her mom wants her to baby sit for three weeks. Things are not looking good. But, perhaps a little magic might help the summer get better.

This is a book about the magic of friendship. It's about the difficulty of growing up and the joy and sadness of large life changes. The novel is simple and charming. However, I would say that Harper's style is overly simplistic at times and she underestimates the intuitive abilities of her target age range. I was left feeling as though everything was spelled out perfectly on the page for me. Nothing was left to interpretation. Nothing felt like it was my reading experience. I felt like Harper was dragging me most of the way through the book. Because of its simplicity, I would recommend it for ages 11 and under. 

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While I try to post content warnings if I, personally, identify anything that I think is not appropriate for my students who range in age from 11-14, I recommend that all content is perused by parents to ensure that the individual and unique values of each family is upheld.

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